An organization called Electronic Frontier Foundation says WhatsApp is not safe as Facebook, Apple or Google.

At any moment, your important information can be leaked from WhatsApp. A few days back, WhatsApp has updated on its behalf and launched end-to-end encryption method. It is said that they had introduced this system to protect WhatsApp and safeguard users’ information. But the study of the organization says, this method is not safe at all.

More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp now. The company’s responsibility to protect their user’s information. Still there is a gap to provide complete protection. As a result, any information can be leaked at any moment. So you have to be careful yourself.

Because in this issue nothing has been said clearly on behalf of WhatsApp.  WhatsApp didn’t assure strongly that, any third party cannot get user’s information again not able to say strongly that no information will be kept safe. So doubt remains same.

So at any time monitoring can be carried out. And there may be a danger of being misused that information in a wrong purpose. So WhatsApp authority should take the initiative for providing safety to the information of the customers.

Keeping in mind the scope and benefit of the customers, 26 companies have introduced various protection measures and rules; the Electronic Frontier Foundation divided them in five divisions and honored them. 9 companies received this award in each category. They are Adobe, Credo, Dropbox, Sony, Uber, Wikker, and others.

But WhatsApp is far behind. In the list of getting Five Star on this measure WhatsApp at far behind. WhatsApp has been able to make the space in the list of two stars. So, is in relation to the exchange of information how much reliable is WhatsApp, you have to think of it.

Source: Internet