People always dreams to fly in the sky like birds. Even in the era of flight or helicopter, people cannot find the ‘freedom of salvation’ or adventure.So many people are running behind the awesome adventure sports like paragliding, bungee jumping, sky diving.

But, if man could fly like popular movie character “iron man”! Yes, Hollywood’s Famous movie superhero who is flying from here and there through the ‘Flying Suit’ made with technology. Reach the traffic without traffic jam.

Occasionally it dreams like if there would have been a ‘Flying Suit’ that could have been very enjoyable! But a British youth showed fantasy to the real form.

Engineer in the profession, the name Richard Browning He has been flying for 55 seconds with the help of a special ‘Flying Suit’ recently created. But success did not come in one day. Richard tried to fly several times through this gadget for years. He has failed repeatedly. But he did not quit. Richard tried his best to make his ‘Flying Suit’ stronger. After that Next month, he saw his first successful success. He was able to fly for 6 seconds with his own built ‘Flying Suit’. After that Richard tried again to increase the power of the gadget.

Richard’s flying video has now become viral in social media.

Richard Browning said that many investors have shown interest in and even the British Army, seeing his ‘Flying Suit’.