Recently Govt. Of India has announced that Aadhaar number is compulsory for filling Income Tax returns under Finance Act 2017, this creates a growing anxiety on linking Aadhaar number with PAN card through Income Tax filing portal of Govt. of India.

Many citizens were showing their anger over the whole system of linking online; as they were unable to connect their Aadhaar with PAN Card because of tiny errors in names and name mismatch.

Considering citizens’ anguish and problems, IT Dept. has now launched a committed page or link for connecting Aadhaar details with PAN Card.

In order to make process more easier name matching has been relaxed and a OTP process has been included.

Web page for linking Aadhaar number with PAN Card

The link of this committed page has been included at the left hand sidebar of Income Tax dept website that is Citizen can also access the link directly at


They will find only three text boxes to fill: PAN Card Number, Aadhaar Number and Name. A captcha to verify the submission.


Here, there is a minor mismatch with the name printed on the Aadhar card and PAN card, then no need to worry as the system will verify the details via OTP (One time password), which shall be sent to the Aadhaar registered phone number & email id.

Thus the system will verify the testimonials, based on the OTP. But DoB (Date of Birth) and gender of candidate should match with both PAN and Aadhaar, in order to connect them without any issue.

Please remember, if there is a severe deference in the names of both cards, then the only alternative is to modify/change the name on the PAN Card or the Aadhaar card whichever is with wrong name printed.

The main benefit of this separate page for linking is no need to register on the website to make the linking. Income Tax Dept. said, “There is no need to login or be registered on the e-filing website. This facility can be used by anyone to link their Aadhaar with PAN”.

The deadline for this activity is June 30, 2017.