An app will wake up you when you fall asleep while driving to avoid accidents. Thus the app will save you from the accident.

Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University are going to bring a new app to prevent accidents due to falling asleep. This app will automatically know if the driver is sleeping or not. Immediately wake up the driver.

First of all, the app will record the video of driving car of the driver through the front camera. After that, this app will be able to understand if the driver can fall asleep through video. While driving, the app in front of the steering wheel should be running, the front camera must be switched on. Through the front camera, the expression of the driver’s face can be understood. Whether the driver’s eyes are being closed or his head is being fall down repeatedly, this app will catch it all.

The moment the app will see the driver sleeping, the alarm will ring.

After the alarm rang, the alarm must be stopped by the speaking or with the hand. This app will run on any smartphone. No additional features will be required. Only the app needs to be downloaded. Through this app, video recordings also will be done for the whole car driving.