The value of “Idea” is growing day by day in the current technology age. And social media like Facebook has also given importance to the new idea for appointing staff.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company himself, looks after these issues. He himself prepare questioner for interviewing the applicants.

In this regard, Zuckerberg said interested candidates will have to give a new plan, through which Facebook will be benefited. If not, then most likely you will be out of the recruitment process. Mark’s this decision to hire a worker may have differentiated Facebook from other organizations.

In this case, Zuckerberg also brought an example of the appointment of Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook. He said that in the December 2007, there was an hour-long meeting with various aspects of Facebook and future planning in a Christmas ceremony. A few months later, Zuckerberg came to the conclusion that Sheryl Sandberg can be given the appointment. Mark Zuckerberg believes that appointing him as the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook was the best business decision so far.