There are many people on Facebook who are afraid to give their original pictures on the profile. Many people do not give pictures on Facebook because somebody else will download photos.

Facebook took strong action to relieve these problems.

After a long study, Facebook brought new services only for profile pictures. Facebook has come up with a sophisticated advanced tool to use profile pictures in a safe way and according to user’s choice.
Facebook users can use this tool to safeguard their profile pictures.

Facebook’s Product Manager Arti Soman said, “We have learned that Facebook users want more control over their profile pictures. And accordingly, we started work and plan for how to help. ”

He further said, “We come to know through a research that there are many people who do not give profile pictures in fear of spreading their pictures to social media. After thinking about this, we tried to protect the profile picture more and more. From now on, no one else can download, profile pictures of others, can not share or send to Facebook messages. Even those who are not in the friend list can not be tagged in the profile picture “.

Note that in many cases the Android device has stopped using the Facebook profile picture screen shot. To stop misusing profile pictures, the facebook profile also gave a blue line on the picture side.