Google guesses, about 50 to 70 percent of all Gmail Inboxes are spam emails. Artificial intelligence technology will help identify these spam emails.

Google has said that Gmail is going to launch an artificial intelligence security to prevent cyber attacks and to strengthen security.

Spam e-mails are designed so attractively to deceive users. So Gmail tells the creation of this protection system to strengthen their security and to avoid mistakes made by even skilled workers.

Many users are being victimized by phishing attacks daily. But it is not enough for the skilled worker to provide all-time security to such a huge Gmail user from the fraud of phishing sites. So the use of artificial intelligence machine learning methods to prevent phishing sites will be Gmail. By this method, you can identify a suspicious mail in the inbox. Before going to the inbox, Gmail will investigate the email, whether it has any phishing link.

Gmail’s Safe Browsing facility will warn users before entering any unsafe links. In addition to this, Gmail is launching a new warning system in Gmail.

Source: Internet