Mobile phones are essential. This object is necessary for all from eight to eighty. Now mobile is so important in our lives that the mobile has become constant companion of our life.

The monsoon has come. On the way to the office or to return anytime, you may come under the rain. As a result, the biggest problem needs to face for the smartphone. Its danger if get wet.

Recently many companies have come up with water proof phone. But their price is too high. This is beyond the reach of ordinary people. But if your phone is not waterproof, then there are a few tips for you. When the phone gets wet, you can easily fix it in a few ways and that is in free of cost.

1. When the phone gets wet in the water, clean it first. The more moisture the phone will have, the faster the parts of the phone are likely to be damaged. If wet for a long time, there can be a short circuit and all the data on the phone get destroyed.

2. Clean the phone well before starting. Remove soon everything inside the phone, ie battery, SIM card, memory card. Clean the open parts of the phone with a dry cloth and wrap the cloth. There will be no damage to the phone. Clean well inside of the phone with a thin dry cloth.

3. Keep SIM cards out of the phone. Then clean inside of the phone well. Then insert the SIM card.

4. If you have a screen guard on the phone, keep it open.

5. Do not apply hairdryer on the phone. The warm air hairdryer can melt the inner parts.

6. Then keep the phone in the sunshine for a while. If there is a little water left that will dry up.

7. Don’t enter battery for 24 hours. It should be kept in rice or silica gel for 24 to 48 hours.

Even after these tips, if your phone doesn’t work, then take the phone to the service center. If the phone falls into the water it can be rectified in the same way.

Source: Internet