Many times, you may find a exciting news or information on an website and likely to read on regular basis, but cannot excavate into it, maybe you are in hurry. You can save the web pages using the option on your smartphone, by which you can revisit the web page again. Default Chrome browser of Android phone and an Safari browser of iPhone  are having this option. Here is how to do it, please look into the steps bellow.

Download a webpage on an Android phone in Chrome

* Open Chrome browser on your smartphone

* Open the website page that you would like to save on your smartphone

* Find a three-dot option on the top right corner and hit on it

* Select the second option, which looks like a down arrow and your web page will be saved

* By tapping on the three dots, you can see all the downloaded web pages in your browsers

* Find for “Downloads” and tap on it

* Here you will see all the web pages that you have downloaded

Download a webpage in Safari browser on iPhone  

* Open Safari browser on your iPhone

* Open the web page that you want to save

* Find at the bottom of the screen, the square button with the arrow and tap on it

* You will get “Add to reading list”, in the option list. Tap on that

* You can see all the added web pages in your reading list by tapping on bookmarks
* The middle option here, which looks like a pair of reading glasses, stores all the web pages of your reading list

Note: The added web page from the reading list will redirect you to the latest version of the webpage when you come online and tap on it.