Many of computer users know that, in case of set up Windows, the system drive the drive where the operating system is installed is formatted. Other drives remain unchanged. As a result, if the system drive has a virus, it will be deleted.

But the viruses of other drives in computer still exist. Not only that some viruses are so dangerous that antivirus cannot be installed for them, as a result these viruses remain in the computer.

Now surely a question is rising in your mind that, ‘there is no other way except formatting computer?‘ Of course there is. Generally, the virus that does not allow you to install antivirus on your PC or it can’t be removed using already installed antivirus, because they are active on your computer or PC, they can prevent you from installing antivirus and also lose your antivirus capabilities. So something that has to be done to inactive those viruses.

The virus is activated on PC only when you open your PC’s drive. Suppose, on your PC there is a virus in a drive other than the system drive. Now if you open your drives again with Windows setup then the virus will be activated again.

Let’s take a look at how to remove the virus in simple ways

1.  First you set up your Windows.

 Immediately do not install the motherboard’s CD software (sound, LAN, chipset, video).

 Do not go to ‘My Computer’ or any of its drives when the computer first turns on after the Windows Setup. As a result, your PC viruses will not be active.

 Now install antivirus software from Pen Drive or any other external hard disk. While inserting the pen drive, press SHIFT so that it is not open automatically.

 Now scan each drive from ‘My Computer’ and the virus will be cleaned. But be careful that no drive is open before the scan otherwise viruses of other drives can become active.