In most of the cases, you check or prevent malware attack to your computer while downloading files like PDF, Songs, movies and many from internet more using Anti-Virus software.  As all anti-virus software doesn’t work completely; there is a tool called VirusTotal which you can use to check for any malware.

VirusTotal , analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware including viruses, worms, and Trojans. VirusTotal allows you to upload files up to 128MB in size and checks through 50 scanners whether it contains any viruses, trojans, worms. This application scan with many popular antivirus software including Avast, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, Kaspersky,  and many more. Here you can see how many of the antivirus engines detected a trouble, a ‘safe-o-meter’ for quickly checking if a file is safe, and you can check detailed information than you may need to know.

How to use VirusTotal?

Mozilla Firefox and Chrome users may download the available add-ons that will notify you if you’re trying to visit an infected website. You may also upload any file or paste the URL you want to check on the website directly. This tool will quickly show you whether the website is risk free or not.