Nowadays, mobile phone charges are available in the places of the airport, railway station, hospital, metro, restaurant, super shop or any other public place during the visit abroad or outstation.

We are charging the smartphone or tab in the waiting time of the vehicle or the relative. But do we think how safe it is?
Negative hackers always following you to cheat by theft or robbing information using their new tactics or devices created by them

Because, behind the charging system found in those muffles, information from your phone may be stolen or hacked, your social media account or phone itself. When you need to take care of the phone from these places in an emergency or at the end of retirement, then it is not time to check whether the outlet is hacked or not before.

Here are some tips for WEB Glut readers in the light of some hackers’ advice on non-disclosure of their name. Keep a little look in it, maybe this little information will save you from a big trouble, at any critical moment.

In the cyber world, hackers now follow countless racket of data stealing

Recently, the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) found that hackers use a kind of side channel to steal data from other such mobile charging outlets and mobile hacking. As a result, with the addition of mobile charging cable, the data goes away on the other device without the data cable connection. In this case NYIT has discovered a formula that data will be transmitted at your speed. It has been observed that if you charge 100% on your phone, then it will be very fast and definitely transfered and hacked.

In this context, a hacker with working experience in different cities of the world said hacking is easier with USB charging port.

According to cyber law experts, it is not possible for the general public to be aware of the backbone of the cellphone machine. Data stolen is usually not found – but whenever it is misused, he will suufer deeply.

Do not be tempted to see a free charging port. Dangers may be left behind

Many of us do not know that there are countless tricks to hack data. At the airport, the charging unit available at the railway station, you do not have to know whether it is connected to the storage unit in the back end. Generally, the data can be hacked within three minutes, in such a set-up.

The expert hackers do not wait to attack your phone – the system they create is automatically behind your cell – through those ports. Another danger lies in the fact that many people are giving detailed information about hacking techniques on the internet nowadays.
Now free hotel services are provided in hotel-motel, restaurant, mall or café. In some cases, some of your confidential data is sought before those connections. You will be busy taking advantage of free internet with information, and hacker will attack you through his master or his set-up Honey Port or any logged-in page, you will not get a tattoo. All your pictures, numbers, information will be stored anywhere else in your unknown

We often forget that the free offer means there will be a risk. So despite the need, to see the free charging facility at the railway station, think to charge my mobile Or feel happy about getting free internet at the restaurant, download two songs, movies or games or make a little facebook – get rid of this idea. According to hackers, hacking your device or stealing data from these free charging and free nets is just as easy as the game.

Ways to avoid such danger: It is not very difficult. First, keep away with the charger if away somewhere. Make sure that the charger and the data cable at the same time they have the power plug with the charger. Whenever you need to connect directly to the power plug in any hotel, station or store, mobile. There is also a solution to keep up with power or battery pack

Free charging or free WiFi can be both risky

Keeping the the phone password locked can be a protective measure. Do not unlock the phone while charging apart. It is also a good step to keep your phone up-to-date in the latest operating system – but it is not possible for everyone. Antivirus Use Many may seem to be old fashion and troublemakers, but it is still proven to work.

Many people charge their phones with another data cable or charger. This is also a risk factor. If you see that someone’s data is just a little different, that means it is too thick or it’s a little different to see the charging point – be a little cautious. It may be that some of the other charging points or thick cabal pen drive type (memory card) is hidden. These things seem weird but not impossible

Be sure to follow: Experts opinion is that if you do not have an emergency, please forget thinking recharging your phone at an unsafe place. But emergency do not come with prior information. In such an emergency, when you are forced to charge phone from any port – then switch off your phone before adding the charging cable.

 To be careful about the cyber hazard in the world moving towards a gradually high-tech hazard

Turn on the phone again, removing the cable once charging phase completes. It is almost impossible to transfer data from the phone while it is off. And the same thing is being said again – best to charge your charger directly from the electric port, your favorite and useful phone.

Keep in mind: The things that hackers keep in their mind about stealing personal data include the battery charging level, taps on the screen (the speed you touch on the screen or finger touch), browser cache (browser record), WiFi / LTE, etc. And the easiest way to do this is to use USB cable / charging cable.

Source:, NBT