Usually, net users search various information’s, images and videos on topics they are looking for. Very few of us might be interested, if needed to know where the image is from. This practice is known as the reverse image search.

Here we have given a set of steps by which you can search by image in Google.  Its very easy and the process you go for that is a matter of your own preference.

No. 1: Open a browser Safari or Chrome on your desktop or smartphone and go to the url

No. 2: Now tap on the upload picture button and choose camera option when asked as mentioned in the image above.

No. 3: Now you can either click a photo using your phone’s camera or select a photo from your smartphone or desktop hard disk.

No. 4: After tapping upload image button, you will be shown page with the message “Image Uploaded” and options like “Show Matches” and “Upload Another” would be given. You click Show Matches.

No. 5: Now, the result will be displayed with Google search page.