Many people are dissatisfied with the problem of laptop battery performance. After purchasing the laptop for the first few months charges in the laptop last long but become less after that. As laptops have become more advanced so the need for increased power consumption and longevity has increased for users. On many occasions it can come down to mobility over performance and battery life. This blog provides information on how to improve your laptop battery’s performance and lifespan.

1. External device and port

Each additional extension associated with the laptop costs the charge. It includes external mouse, keyboard or portable hard disk. Also WiFi or Bluetooth can consume a significant amount of laptop charges. Graphics processing too consume laptops charge. And if these are not necessary, then these devices should be kept open and WiFi, Bluetooth should be closed.

2. Battery saver mode

Currently almost all branded laptops have battery saver mode. In some cases this feature is also known as ‘Echo Mode’. When this feature is turned on, the laptop itself uses several ways to reduce spending charges as much as possible. In this case, the display brightness is low, the unnecessary components are automatically shut down and almost all the components running on the laptop cost very little charge. As a result, the laptop charges are saved.

3. Close Unnecessary app

There are many processes keep on running in the laptop that do not have any need. Rather, these processes spend laptop charges quickly. For Windows operating systems, you can see which app you currently not needed. Turn off those apps. There are also many apps or software running in the task manager without any reason. Turn off such software by sorting out.

4. Change Settings

Today many laptop keyboards have backlights. But if you do not need this then do off these lights to save your laptop charge. Beside, display brightness should be reduced as well. On the other hand, if the display brightness is kept on maximum, it creates pressure on the eye as well as the laptop’s charge or battery will end faster. Also, if the resolution of the display reduces, the charge of the laptop will be saved. Keep the laptop speaker closed if unused.

5. One program at a time

Many of us do multitasking on laptops. This leads to additional pressure on laptop processors and requires a lot of laptop charges. And if it is really not needed, then it is best not to work more than one task at a time. In addition, listening to music while doing other work, it is better to listen from computers rather than online streaming. Because as internet is not used to listen music it saves charges of the laptop.

6. Battery care

If the laptop’s battery is removable, they should be cleaned on regular interval. Beside this, the laptop should be always kept in cool environment. Because the battery stability is reduced due to excessive heat. So be careful to check, whether the hot air inside the laptop is going out properly. Laptop cooler can be used if needed. Besides, it should not be used on beds or pillows. The laptop may become too hot.