Often, precious images of your Android smartphone are deleted from your phone without knowing it or by mistake. Then there is no way except regret only. But do you know that you can get this deleted image back? And Google Play Store will help them get back. And there are thousands of apps in this Google Play Store that you can use to get back this deleted picture.

To find missing or deleted pictures from the smartphone of Android operating system, ‘DiskDigger‘ app is one of the best ones has no comparison. It’s free of cost to ‘use’. This app can be used very easily. In addition, no phone specification is required to use this App.

The app called ‘Dumpster Image & Video Restore’ is also another good app for the same purpose available in Google Play Store. You can find deleted pictures easily through the app. Apart from this; you can also find deleted MP3 and video files that are deleted.

This app is also free of cost to use. However, this app has some additional features, in order to use those features you will have to pay. Apart from these apps, there are more apps like ‘Dig Deep Image Recovery’, ‘Restore Image’, by which missing or deleted pictures and videos can be restored.