The smartphone is now our all time companion. We try to care it every moment but sometimes we do not know much information about the phone itself. As we do not reboot this device or refresh it. Or do not know what happens if we do this. As a result, we are unknowingly harming the device! Let us know some information in this matter.

Restart your phone at least once a week; there are several reasons for it. And all the reasons are good for your phone. For example, It keeps the memory of the phone better, the crash can be prevented, the phone runs better and the battery life can be increased.

Let’s talk about the usage of your apps daily. A Technology Expert in Los Angeles said that in most cases it is seen that even if apps are closed, it does not really stop. Because it becomes active even after it stops to load again. ‘So, think about how many apps are opened every day and it turns out to be actively slowing the phone’s memory and battery. For that reason, the phone charges are going to end soon. Restarting the phone stops the open apps completely and save its RAM thus it helps to protect the phone from any such activities consuming battery charges.

The phone may crash due to various reasons, but if you do not reboot the phone, its effect can clearly be seen in this case. For each update, page loading and app install or delete the phone’s operating system code is added or deleted. The phone works better when the phone is restarted.
Many times, in a rush we put the phone on charging even the charge of the battery completely finished. As a result battery life reduces.

That is why you use your phone till phone’s battery charge come down to zero percent and then charge it 100 percent. Restart the phone at least once a week to save the phone’s memory and stay free of crashes.