In today’s lifestyle, it is the reality that Facebook has become a roughly-vital part of  majority of our lives. You can’t even imagine living without it. Earlier we used to see plenty of irritating and of no use posts coming up in our News Feed. Now, it is possible to sort out these posts.

Many users may already aware of it. Let us see step-by-step direction on how you can filter your Facebook News Feed according to your interest.

Thus direction is based on Facebook’s mobile app as most of the users use Smartphone to access their Facebook account.

First 1:         Open the Facebook app on Smartphone
Second 2:   Tap on the Hamburger icon
Third 3:       Scroll down to ‘Settings’
Fourth 4:    Tap on ‘News Feed Preference’ option.

Then user will get a page which includes a list of options, including

1) to prioritize who you see first,
2) unfollow people to hide their posts,
3) reconnect with people you’ve unfollowed and
4) discover pages that match your interests.

All these four options will work in a similar way. For example, if you select option ‘Prioritize who you see first’, you’ll get a list of user from your friend list along with pages that you like.

You mark them by tapping on those people or pages that you like to see on priority, this ensures that you will find their posts first.

Likewise, if you choose the option ‘Reconnect with people you have unfollowed,’ you’ll find a list of user who is there on your friend list, but their posts were unfollowed. Now you can reselect anyone you like to see the updates again from them.

Now if selected ‘Discover pages that match your interest’ option, the already liked pages and your other practices on its platform, and other suggested business pages that may interest you will appear.

So, with these steps, Facebook News Feed can be managed whenever you want and you will enjoy exactly what you are interested in.