Many of us do have multiple Gmail accounts to fulfill different official and personal purposes. Some of you spent maximum time of the day using work Gmail account along with you need to store files inside Google Drive of own Gmail account.

You can make it easy to login to several Gmail accounts concurrently so that you don’t need to log out from one ID to log in other Gmail account.

Just go to and log in through the other Gmail account in the same browser session. Here login is Easy but Switching Accounts is Difficult.

You log in and click your profile image in the top right and select any Gmail account from the drop down to switch to that account.

Now follow this simple URL trick that will help you switch between Google accounts quickly.

Go to the Gmail website and press Ctrl+D (or Cmd+D on Mac) to bookmark the Gmail website.

Click the Edit button to modify the bookmark. Here append the shortcut to the bookmark name as shown below. We use the short “GA” meaning Gmail.

Do continue follow the step for all your other Gmail accounts.

You may now type GA in the address bar to launch your work Gmail account quickly even if that Gmail account is not your default Gmail account.