Being afraid of using the internet? Always getting scared of hacked everything like secret documents of the bank details and personal information!

The password is given, yet the anxiety. When hackers are hacking all, then password breaking is just a game of finger!

And once the account becomes hacked, the fear of losing everything which life-threatening. Then what is the way?

As per technology expert, use your personal account more consciously and even be more aware of your password. What are the tech experts giving tips? Let us know-

* Enter the password in any web account using at least eight characters. In addition to caps and small characters use @, # etc characters.

* Change the password used on web account at 3 months intervals. And do not save the password or select reminder, no matter where you are logged in.

* Easy to remember, while using a password for a web account, still stop using your name, contact name, date of birth, date etc.

* Use lock on your gadgets while using banking services from your mobile or laptop.

* Never give personal information while using the Internet from Wi-Fi connected area.

* Always use one time password (OTP).

* Once work done, try to get the data off in your gadget.