Know the easy process to unsubscribe your Gmail address from unwanted newsletters, mailing list and other mass mail that is jamming up your inbox in Gmail.

There is a simple Google Script that scrutinize the bulk emails and finds the unsubscribe link. The founded unsubscribe link is opened and your email is automatically unsubscribed. In some cases, the bulk sender would require you to send a message to a special email address to unsubscribe and our Google script can do that as well.

The big benefit is that there is no need of grant access to your Gmail account to any third-party service. Here you can add subscription emails to the unsubscribe level from any email client including desktop and mobile apps.

  • You may copy the Gmail Unsubscriber sheet to your Google Drive. CLICK HERE
  • Go to the Gmail menu (Gmail Unsubscriber) in the Google Spreadsheets (see screenshot above) and select Configure. Allow the code to access to your Gmail account. It is an open source Google Script that runs does not store or upload a single data.
  • In the “Enter Gmail Label Name”, enter a name of your Gmail label (the default is Unsubscribe) and all emails marked with this label will be unsubscribed. Save your changes.

The Gmail Unsubscriber application is now activate and running in the background. You can now mark any email message with the Unsubscribe label in Gmail and you’ll be automatically unsubscribed in 5 -12 minutes. You logged in the Google SpreadSheet and you know the changes behind the scenes. Try it once !

Also, the solution works everywhere – mobile apps for Gmail on iPhone & Android or even third-party email clients like Microsoft Outlook (move the email to the Unsubscribe folder) or Apple Mail.