Now and then, if your desktop system behaves unusually, you may go for Check Disk option for scanning hard drive to recognize, and correct, if any error occurs related to file system issues or any other. Check Disk tool is very popular for handling this type of situations.

Let us know what does the Check Disk tool does? This tool is the command which runs on system to scan the total hard drive and fix issues if any. Basically, this toll checks the file system and its meta data and correct the errors if any found.

Besides, this tool checks each segment on a hard drive looking for issues or error. Error may occur in two forms — Soft bad sector, when data is not written correctly then this error created and Hard bad sector, occurs when physical damage caused on the disk. So, the steps are as follows.

 1: Click Start -> Go to My Computer
2: Right click on C Drive and select ‘Properties’.
3: Select the Tools tab and click ‘Check now’.
4: Select both the options like
– automatically fix file system error
– scan for and attempt recovery of bad sector.
5: Click on ‘Start’ or ‘Scan’ button, which one will be shown.
6: When prompted, select the option to schedule the disk check, and then restart your computer.
7: If no errors found, just close it.