There are thousands of variety Android mobile phones with various hardware components. Display is one of the most important components, consumers do analyze before purchasing as display qualities are different for every smartphone depending upon their price and quality.

While collecting information on mobiles or tabs before buying it, we come across some terms related to display, including pixels, resolutions, PPI etc. Today, we have jotted down the steps on how to find your phone’s screen density value.

In this regard, what is PPI?

PPI stands for “Pixels Per Inch” is dimension of the pixel density (resolution) of an electronic image device, such as a desktop monitor, camera or image scanner, smartphone screen.

Many apps, are available which, helps to show all of the different display sizes and resolutions on Android phones and tablets.

What is DPI?

One more term is DPI which stand for “Dots Per Inch”, using this the resolution of any image on screen and in print are measured. There are many apk files available online which are categorized by a variety of features including processor types and DPI values, which signify a device’s display density. This helps the consumers to know the type of content will be fitted on the screen.

You may get a correct version for your particular device from the Play Store. We have collected the steps on how to find your android mobile’s screen density value.

Step 1: Install Display Info

To figure out DPI value of your mobile, install “Display Info” app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Cross-Reference Your DPI Value with the App Version

Now tap on Display Info icon on your smartphone, where you download your APK files. Then find out the value of DPI stated in the list. User may go for higher version, if they don’t get the accurate DPI value.