Smartphones are become our all time used device and it is to continue indefinitely. Time to time, we can see modification and tech enhancement be it hardware to software or design to make smartphones smarter and useful. The fingerprint scanner is one such enhanced featured included in smartphones.

Primarily, fingerprint scanner was used to lock and unlock the device. In recent times, this feature is used for activities like sliding notifications, taking pictures and other. Here, we will discuss on how to capture a photo using the fingerprint scanner.

Step 1: If your smartphone doesn’t support this feature. Then you have to download the app “Dactyl” from Google Play Store.
Step 2: Then go to ‘Open Settings Page’, where you will organize accessibility and authorization settings.
Step 3: After permission granted, the Dactyl supported list of Apps will be shown. When you select the app to capture the picture using fingerprint scanner, ‘Dactyl Service Running’ will be displayed just above the shutter button.
Step 4: Once notification shown, you may use the fingerprint sensor to capture photos on your smartphone.