In recent years, restrictions or controls over internet has increased extensively in some geo locations and many services have limited access to particular countries. Network administrators of various organizations and offices maintain protection against users from browsing specific range of websites which they decide are of no use in their work places.

Generally, websites related to Stock Market, social networking sites, movies and entertainment, religion, and politics. Here, we have mentioned bellow the list of alternatives to recover access to the blocked website you like to browse.

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may obstruct or block the access to some specific websites in your IP address. If that is the case, you may update the DNS server, which resolve the IP address for a specific request. Additionally, several DNS has the facility to route some of your requested website through servers within the limited locations.

The majority search engines preserve a cache of website pages. So, as a substitute of directly visiting the website, you may access a cached copy of the website from search engine results

This will allow you to bypass network filters and unblock access to any website you want to visit from any place.

You may get many proxy websites available on the internet for example, which opens blocked websites on their servers and shows the website. These proxy websites also save cached copies of websites pages, that let you access websites quicker

Virtual Private Network also allow you to join to a particular network from outside. It allows accessing as anonymous user rather than proxy websites as it encrypts the blocked website data sent.

In some cases, it is found that, websites admin block specific user or group of users for a particular IP address. In such situation, you may use open source IP hiding software application to visit them.