In order to survive in the market with leading preference, Whatsapp is keeping continuous focus on creating new and extra features & benefits to compete its competitor mainly  Snapchat.

Likewise, Whatsapp bring in new feature now and then on regular intervals as user can get it when update their WhatsApp on their smartphone. Yet not updated, then get the updates, whatsapp rolled out in 2017.

New Status feature

This new status feature February this year. By this feature users can post their status to a short video or multiple photos and it will itself vanish in 24 hours. This feature is almost similar to Snapchat.

Media sharing limit increased

The media limit has been increased from 10 to 30 at a time. This update is gladly accepted for this type of media sharing app.

Two-step verification

This was introduced as a part of optional security feature. Using this feature, users can verify their number while installing the app on a new device as a security measures. However, users have to give a six-digit passcode while registering with their phone number.

Keeping back Old status Feature

After updating the new Status feature and ending the old Text Status feature, the company found that users didn’t take positively and the feature was then included again.

Photo Filter and album features

With this feature users can send photos and videos to their contacts as an album. When the album is opened, all the images will be shown on a single page. Also, user can add color filters to the media. While accessing, user will pull out five photo filters that they can choose from. — Pop, B&W, Cool, Film, and Chrome.

Pinned in Chat option

With this feature, users can pin up to three contacts on top of the conversations. Any massage or communication from pinned sender will appear on top.

All file type transfer

Whatsapp is now offering support for all types of file transfers on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone platforms. But with limited number of users. With this new feature users can send video in a range of formats, MP3 songs, or even APK files. The file sharing limit is 128MB on iOS, 64MB on the Web, and 100MB on Android.