Nobody has time to waste more time. So the shortcuts are helpful to do the work with less time. Let’s take a look at some of the computer’s short-cart. Tips to work on various tasks easily & quickly in operating system, windows 7 and upper version.

Create new folder

To create a new folder in Windows Explorer, right click on New and select New Folder and then create it. But you can create any new folder by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N together.

Open as an administrator

If you want to open a program with administrator rights, select it and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter from the keyboard simultaneously.

Go to the taskbar

While working, if you need to go to the Windows taskbar, you can go to the taskbar by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows key + B together. Now you can select the current program with the right / left arrow keys.

Move the window

Sometimes it needs to be moved to the right and left while working with multiple windows. For this, press the Left / Right arrow key along with the Windows key, and you can move the window to the screen easily.

To minimize the program

Multiple programs or windows are running together? To minimize all the windows together, press the Windows key + Home key from the keyboard together.

All windows will be minimized at a time. To restore those windows, press the Windows key + Home key again. Again if you want to minimize all the windows and go to desktop, then press the Windows key + D key from the keyboard. If you want to minimize a particular program, press the Windows key + Down arrow together.

To open the taskbar program

If you want to open a program that is pined in the taskbar or open any program from the keyboard, then know the location of the program by pressing the Windows key from the keyboard and pressing the location number. Suppose, in the taskbar, Microsoft Word is placed at number 3. Then press the Windows key + 3 together from the keyboard and it will open.