Almost everyone take pictures on their smartphones. But many times we are not satisfied with the pictures taken. Do not be frustrated. Keep in mind, a few simple tips while taking pictures. Then your pictures taken on a smartphone would be appreciated-

1) Keep the light matter in mind while taking photos. The direction, from which the light is coming, keep that direction behind you while taking photos on your smartphones.

2) Many times, after taking pictures, it is found that photos have become blurred. Don’t delete such photos , rather watch with Black and White Effects.

3) Choose the right angle at the time of taking pictures.

4) Do not zoom too much while taking photos on a smartphone. The quality of the picture will be bad.

5) Do not rush unnecessarily when taking pictures. Take care of the frame that you are capturing, whether any portion is missing out or not.

6) Where there is a yellow light, use the Smart Auto White Balance feature of the smartphone camera while taking photos

7) While using Flash make sure it should not reflect any way to opposite or towards the camera.