The development of robotic technology is now looking to offer its service in healthcare services. Porsche, German carmaker, its consulting department did a study which says the majority of German consumers would be ready to go through an operation conducted by a machine rather than a human surgeon.

Although, only 23% of German respondents refused this idea when asked. Out of the 77% only 41% put a caution in place like they would accept to undertake this system if the use of a robot doctor resulted in a lower associated risk.

Rather than life-saving surgeries, 56% of German respondents’ would be ready to receive caregiving services via machines. This is because; people in Germany can already see the benefits of automation to their quality of life.

And while 41% of the 1000 people polled rejected, 37% accepts the concept of robot caregivers, which will be involved 24 hrs in preparing meals or keeping track of their medication and would let doctors and nurses focus their critical job where they need to focus more.

“Advanced developments in medical technology have been helping to treat and care for people for a long time now,” said Dr. Roman Hipp, a partner at Porsche Consulting in charge of the healthcare sector. “Within three to five years, digitization will have reached a point where robots could assume a wide range of tasks in medicine and caregiving.”

Source: TOI