Sending messages through many instant messenger make users feel uncomfortable. Because once the wrong message is sent it cannot be corrected. However, the problem is going to be solved in WhatsApp.

This new feature for WhatsApp users is expected to bring the comfort to send messages. Through this new feature wrong message by mistake, can be recalled and edited until the receiver see or read the message.

The name of this new feature of WhatsApp is ‘Recall’. The message can be fetched, edited and resent.

Presently, this feature is available with a particular version of the Windows Phone only. This feature is also available in the WhatsApp version 2.17.30 or in the updated version.

As per WABetaInfo, on the Android app (version 2.17.235), user can use the ‘Recall’ feature. The feature is hidden by default and has to wait till update comes later on when they would roll-out of the Recall feature.

WhatsApp has said, this feature will be available for the text message, video, and pictures. After the feature is added, the message can be touched and edited after sending the message. But the message can only be edited before the message is seen. Once the massage seen, this opportunity will not be available anymore.

Any further update on the will be presented.

Source: Internet