Many of us use our smartphone for photography as good quality cameras are available. Thus when images are over-stored, chances are high that smartphone’s image gallery gets filled and accessing the same getting slow.

After some time due to huge images stored on memory can results in slow down the image gallery. It also becomes difficult to organize images. Usually, image gallery app has very limited features and smartphone users don’t aware of many substitutes.

There are many substitute apps available online that user may feel better than to usual image gallery.

We will discuss here QuickPic app which you can attempt. This app is really feature-loaded. Ignoring the number of images it takes a fraction of a second to launch.

QuickPic robotically organizes your pictures into diverse folders like Bluetooth, Screenshots, Instagram, Downloads, Movies and more.

Options like list or grid available to view stored picture. Users can sort the pictures datewise date when they were selected.


When you find your smartphone is over-stored with images, the user can upload on CM cloud using the app. QuickPic allows you to move files to other devices using Wi-Fi.  So, it is a better alternative than usual image gallery of a smartphone.

Most interestingly, QuickPic is ad-free. User surely would not like an unwanted advertisement while browsing images.

Once again remember this app isn’t the only app. There many other similar apps available on the Play Store like Simple Gallery, FOTO Gallery, and Photo Gallery HD Piktures etc.