Triangle is a new app being tried out in the Philippines which let users Get the most out of your mobile data pack by tracking their mobile data usage. This app is really useful even if you are using poor data plan or lower credit while travelling to outstation. At present, this app is in beta testing in Philippines. This app blocks other apps from using mobile data and let user enjoy saved data.

Using this app you can see the apps have been consuming your data, and allow you to block those apps from using any more data. Moreover, user can also set time limit for specific app after which, the app will stop using data usage. Apart from this, user also have data benefits, which are now limited to the Globe and Smart prepaid customers. This app will allowance user extra data for using and installing specific apps. Once user install and allow the needed permissions for this app to their smarphone, can supervise data usage, limit apps from consuming data of any version 2G, 3G and 4G data.

Google says, “Triangle is a new app being tried out in the Philippines that helps you better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data.”

So, benefits and features, by which Users Can:
1. See their current data usage
2. Use “Data Saver” to block unwanted data usage
3. Check your prepaid data balance (Globe and Smart prepaid users only)
4. Download and try new apps without risk of running out of data (Globe and Smart prepaid users only)
5. Get extra data by using some apps you have (Globe and Smart prepaid users only)