Google makes a giant leap in the healthcare industry, and the experts are saying that the revolutionary technology that Google has built for healthcare is going to change the industry forever. There are over 400 million people in the world who are patients of diabetes. It is a common observation that diabetes patients also suffer from eye diseases and disorders. In the worst case scenario, people become blind if proper action is not taken at the right time. It is a fact that there is a disproportion in the number of ophthalmologists present in comparison to the number of diabetes patients who are suffering from eye problems.


Google’s Innovation

To address such a critical situation, Google has come up with a revolutionary idea and implemented it perfectly. Google is using automation technology with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect eye problems in case of diabetes patients. Once the technology is commercialized, Google has plans to extend the service for detection other diseases as well especially in areas where there are a lesser number of doctors to attending the overwhelming number of patients. Cancer, AIDS, and malnutrition in babies are going to be their next target.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is the most dangerous disease in which a tiny swelling in the retina eventually takes the vision away completely if not detected in an early stage and treated immediately. Google has come up with an advanced software to detect it better than doctors do manually and alert the patient immediately. Google has planned to come up with smartphones that will have power retina scanner, and the advance software would come in mobile app form, and diabetes patients can detect the presence of diabetic retinopathy at home.

Google has conducted a survey which has revealed that diabetic retinopathy is not detected until half vision is lost in the diabetic patients. The doctors have claimed that diabetic retinopathy is perfectly curable if detected early and hence, Google’s innovation is going to save the visions of millions of people around the world.


The Technology

By using artificial intelligence, it is able to detect the retina from a still image. With the help of machine learning, the different layers of the eyes are classified, and the signs of diabetic retinopathy are detected. Once the detection is done, the complete report is provided with deep scanned images to assist the doctors during treatment and diagnosis.

India – The Chosen Country

India has been chosen by Google to test the technology in different popular labs because almost 10% of the entire diabetes patients are from India. To be more specific, it has been installed in Aravind Eye Care System in Tamil Nadu, and thousands of patients have tried the new mechanism. The complete report has been provided to Google by the management of the eye clinic, and it reveals that the system is perfect and in fact, it is more powerful that the existing machines. Google is ready to commercialize the technology across the world.

Making Healthcare Accessible

With the success of Google new innovation in detecting eye problems especially in the case of diabetic patients, Google’s research team wants to expand the technology, and their goal is to make healthcare accessible to everyone. It will make sure that people can easily find out if they are suffering from any big disease and that too at an early stage.

But amidst all these, there is a growing concern that it would put many doctors out of the job as AI did in the case of engineers. But for now, there should not be any concern at least for ophthalmologists because the number of diabetic patients is too large and they have to go to the doctors for diagnosis and treatment anyway.