Millions of users stock up vital files and pictures on their computers is being crumbed and substituted with two new storage alternatives. If you’re using Google Drive be cautioned: you’ve three months time to install its substitute. The Google is now presenting two new storage options to replace the Google Drive.

Users will be recommended to use one of the two substitute cloud storage options
– Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream

The Backup and Sync app for Windows and Mac OS expands Google’s approach to file storage across your PC and phone.

Earlier in July’2017, Google announced that Google Drive app for PC with Backup and Sync, which does the similar thing as Google Drive with capacity to handle more files. On 7th of Sept’17, Google declared that it’ll stop working with Drive on Dec. 11 and will completely shut it down on March 12, 2018.

The new Google’s software will synchronize your files stored on desktop or documents folders and make all photos stored at PC will be clouded to Google Photos too.

Millions of users of this type of storage app show the growing importance of cloud-based services. Earlier users have to store and access files to a single computing device, now with the help of services like Google Backup and Sync you can access a photo or write a document or share a social networking communication. That’s useful particularly if you lose your tab, laptop or our smartphone.

Google declared the date of Drive’s termination through a blog post for IT administrators who uses Google’s G Suite productivity tools for their human resource on IT. If you’re using it as a part of IT dept of any organization, you may go for another Google option: Drive File Stream. This cloud based software lets organizations store files exclusively in the cloud, “streaming” them to desktop when you’re working with and otherwise keeping your storage space unfettered.

If you’re a normal user, you can install Backup and Sync, if you want to get the access of this alternative drive services.