Many of us have seen a lot of short link on the internet, especially on the social networking sites. They are short and attractive; still our suspicious mind fears of what the specific link will direct to.

As there are many cyber attacks occurring around the world these days, it could be better if we get to check the link about its originality before clicking on them.

We have collected few websites where from you can check out such suspicious links before clicking it.


In this website, you can just copy paste the link in the box and click on Unshorten. You will find the original URL and the report of the page. Also, you can download Browser Extensions for both Chrome and FireFox from the site.

Unfurlr is another website, where you can check such along with Google’s Safe Browsing Advisory if the link is safe.

Unlike above sites, at this link, you can check such suspicious short link. Bookmark tool extension available with this site. Here, you can add an iOS app as well that comprises a button to your device to check the link on a smartphone.