Having a smartphone does not make you smart unless you use it to its full potential. Most people buy smartphones only to install the social media apps and photo filter apps. Coming specifically to Android smartphone users, there are a plethora of Android apps that can make your smartphone a smart device to use. We have handpicked ten must-have Android apps that you should definitely try one.

1# Evernote – Stay Organized

This is not just another to-do app that most people use casually. With Evernote, you can create notes by typing, drawing sketches, or by voice recording. You can take a snap of any image like hand written notes or pages of books and store it. Even different file formats like Doc, PDF, Txt can be stored. Everything is searchable, and you can prepare checklists and to-do lists and share it with friends. Most importantly, it syncs everything in one place even when you use it through app or website.
You would not require Google Keep or Google Drive anymore.

2# Google Now (Assistant)

If you are not already using it, you are just wasting your time. Install the app and get quick access to Google search where you have to say “Ok Google” and order anything and everything you want to do. You could be sending a message, asking local weather report, searching a query on the search engine, playing a song, searching an app, enquiring about railways and flights and much more.

3# SwiftKey

This is definitely a must-have app for those who use social media apps all the time and type messages every minute. It uses Artificial Intelligence to understand and learn your writing style including the emojis, nicknames, and slangs you use and provide you probable and predictive text suggestions with emojis by reading the response of the person whom you are going to reply. 250 million people are using it worldwide, and it supports 150+ languages. Autocorrect feature is perfect as it knows the mistakes you make and the correction you are likely to do.

4# ES File Explorer

Most of the file explorer apps that come pre-install with smartphones are absolutely bogus. Uninstall them at once and install ES File Manager. Everything is organized and shown just like the way you see on your computer. You can do useful operations like cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, compress documents and images and even transfer apps. You can also connect it with your cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive or others.

5# LastPass Password Manager

Most people do not use Password Manager because they think that Password Manager can get hacked. Hence, they use the same password(easy to remember) for all accounts. This makes all the accounts more vulnerable to hacking. Therefore, you must have a password manager where you can store different strong passwords for different accounts and you do not have to remember them. LastPass keeps your passwords in a secured place from where it fetches and autofills whenever needed.

6# Blue Mail

This is a highly useful for those who have multiple email accounts and need to have separate apps like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365 or Outlook to manage them. Instead, you can have all your email accounts inside Blue Mail interface. There are multiple settings available for notifications of emails in each account so that you can distinguish them easily. There are various themes, email templates and signatures available. You can also integrate Android Wear and Printer.

7# Pocket

If you are a freakish internet surfer and visit a lot of websites to read articles and watch videos all the time, this is the perfect app for you to install. You can save any article or video and watch them through the app when you are free. The best part is you would not require an internet connection. When you come across an article on your computer, you can save it through Pocket and read it later through the app when you are traveling. It syncs everything perfectly. You would also get personalized recommendations based on your interest.

8# Waze

If you have used Google Maps very often, you will find it more useful. It is world’s best real-time GPS app, and you can get all the required information like alternative route as per traffic condition, oil pumps, parking lots and other necessities automatically. It has celebrity voice support and custom alerts.

9# Equalizer

Turn your Android smartphone into a high-quality music player using Equalizer. A widget will be available on your home screen, and you can tweak the settings to increase bass and other parameters. There are several preset filters available that are not present in regular music player. You will be stunned by the music quality your Android smartphone can provide with it.

10# Mint 

Start using your smartphone as your financial planner and manager. You can manage bills, investment, bank accounts and even debit and credit cards. You can create a personal budget and get reminders and sync it with its web application available for PC.

Go ahead and install them and leave your comment below how useful you found them. Stay tuned for more.